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FHR TOCO Fetal movement Fetal Monitor

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It can connect to a computer, CD or Type to record the baby heart sound and share your baby's heart beat with family and friends via email.
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FHR TOCO Fetal movement Fetal Monitor


  1. 1. Light weight, space-saving, easy operation 
  2. 2. 8.4-inch screen color LCD display, rotate screen to 60° 
  3. 3. Display of the patient data and curve clearly 
  4. 4. Print paper fetal heart rate 120-160bpm 
  5. 5. Manual records fetal movement 
  6. 6. Audible and visual alarm for high and low fetal heart rate 
  7. 7. Continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring function 
  8. 8. Continuous 12-hour patient curve and data storage and playback 
  9. 9. With picture freeze function 
  10. 10. Single, Twins Monitoring optional 
  11. 11. 9 chip pulse width beam probe 
  12. 12. Extra-long life, high-resolution built-in thermal printer 
  13. 13. Built-in communication port, can be connected with central monitoring system 

Technical Specifications:

1. Security: IEC 60601-1-4, IEC 60601-1-2 

2. Anti-shock types: Type I, no internal power supply 

3. Anti-electric Shock Degree:

4. Power Supply: Working Voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V 

5. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 

6. Environment:
1) Transport and storage:

Temperature: -10 °C ~55 °C 
Relative Humidity: ≤ 93%
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa 
2) Working environment:

Temperature: 5 °C~ 40 °C 
Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa


1. Dimensions: 8.4" color LCD display, folding 60 degree
2. Display Content: bed No. , pregnancy age, age, single/twins type, paper speed, date, time,  volume, alarm status, transducer connection status,
    recorder status, FHR data and wave, Contraction data and wave, Fetal move times and mark etc.


1. Record Paper two-double type Z
2. Print Width: 112mm
3. Valid Print Width: 104mm
4. Signal Interface: RJ 45

Ultrasound probe:

1. Nominal Frequency: 1.0MHz
2. Work Frequency: 1.0MHz±10%
3. FHR Rang: 65BPM~210BPM,Allow error: within ±2bpm
4. Resolution: 1BPM
5. Accuracy : ±2% 


1. TOCO range: 0~100%
2. Resolution: 1

Fetal Marking:

For the manual button (the operation of pregnant women), there will be a mark display in the bottom area of FHR wave display section.

FHR Alarm:

Alarm for high and low FHR, which exceeds appointed limit


1.Ultrasonic Transducer: 

1) System: Pulsed Doppler
2) Dimension: 90mm × 65mm

2. TOCO Transducer:

1)  System: Passive Straingauge
2)  Dimension: 102mm × 50mm
3) Remote Marker:
4) Length: 3.2m 


320(L) x 260(W) x 80(H) mm 

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