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HL-AH(G6) Amalgamator

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HL-AH(G6) Amalgamator
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HL-AH(G6) Amalgamator


The machine belongs to Class Ⅱ,type B. Its general equipment, not AP or APG equipment, it can work continuously.

♦ Scope of application:

It's used to treat decayed tooth and mix amalgam capsule.

The function of machine:

① Power voltage: AC 220±5V, 50Hz, or AC 110V,60Hz

② Motor power: 40W

③ Blending speed: 

  - High speed: 4200RPM 
  - Low speed: 2800RPM

④ Range of timing: 4-60S±0.5S

⑤ Noise level: less than 65db(A)

⑥ Gross weight: 2.6kg

⑦ Size: 285×245×225mm


• Unpacking and removel of transit screw before using remove transit screw from underside unit

• For safety during transit, the amalgamator has been fitted with a transit screw prior to shipping.
  It is essential to remove this screw prior to using the amalgamator.

• Place the unit on its side on a soft surface.

• Using a screwdriver, turn the transit screw anti-clockwise until it is loosened. Remove screw.

• Place the amalgamator correct side up on a flat surface in a easily accessible location.

Description of its operational parts:

① Power switch

• Connect on the power supply; turn on the black boat-shaped switch to lighten the indicator, which shows current blending time.

② Digital Time Controller:

• The time controller is used for accurate control of blending time. It's composed by Display screen, "Set" button and "Start"
   button. Display screen shows setting time, "Set" button at the left panel, for blending time set from 4 ~ 60 seconds, every
   2 seconds increase, it can be set freely; "Start" button at the right panel, press it to start working. If halfway suspended, 
   press this button too.

③ Mask and forks

• Unfold the mask to loading amalgam capsule; the mask must be closed during working. The fork inside the mask is used
   to grip amalgam capsule.

Operational procedure:

① Connect on the power supply; turn on the black boat shaped power switch to lighten the display.

② Setting times, every short press "SET " button, the time will increases 2S, every long press "SET" button,
the setting time will increases rapidly (The range of time is 4-60 seconds) .Time setting has memory.

③ Fix capsule inside the forks, close the mask (for safety, the machine will not work and have beep sound when the mask 
 was not closed). This system obtained the patent, the Patent No. is: 200520014942.1.
(How to fix amalgam capsule, please find attached operation picture)

④ Press "START" button to start working, while the display shows current blending time, and the setting time will decrease
until the machine stop working, there will have a beep sound to remind you blending completed.

⑤ After blending completed, remove capsule from the forks.

⑥ Adjust blending speed between High Speed and Low Speed

• Press "SET" and "START" button together, when display screen shows "H" means high speed state; press "SET" and
   "START" button together again, the display screen will shows "L" ,it means low speed state. After choose your desired
   speed, please press "SET" button to adjust suitable blending time.

Please choose high speed to blend capsules that from Shanghai or abroad


① Before using, remove the transit screw (painted RED on the tip) underside the unit.

② Unpack, inspect all parts if there's any damage.

③ The machine should be placed on a flat, sturdy and even operating table to avoid any noise that caused by resonance.

④ Do not open the cover of machine optionally to avoid undesired damage.

⑤ For safety, the mask must be closed during operation.


① Maintain method:

• press the buttons properly during operation, if there's any difference sound or shake, please cut off the power supply
  immediately, and ask for maintain. Make sure the cases and forks are clean after using. It can be cleaned with
  antibacterial surface cleaners.

② Maintenance period:

• generally after one year using, the machine should maintenance, especially check the strength of the forks. 
  If amalgam capsule becomes loose or forks were damaged, please replace the matching spare parts immediately.

③ Method of replace fuse:

• it should fix F2AФ5×20 fuse, unscrew the fuse socket down with "Crossing screwdriver",
  fix F2AФ5×20 fuse into and tighten the cap with clockwise.

Common Fault Exclusion:

⑴ The machine parts are not working: Check if the fuse were broken down, replace the fuse tube.

⑵ Timer system or other faults: Send to professional department or manufacturer to maintain.

⑶ The mask damages: When connect to the power supply, press "Start/Stop" button, the machine not working,
maybe the hall element, which in the mask were dropped. Following is the solution:

• Processing methods:

① turn off power switch, press down the "Start/Stop" button, while turn on the power switch,
the display shows "O" or "U", then release the "Start/Stop" button.

② after that press "Set" button, the display will show "U" or "O" 
(if first step ①, the display shows "O", then the second step ②, the display will show "U", Vice versa.)
turn off the power switch after setting as above.

③ Turn on the power switch again, in the state of "O", open the mask, the machine will stop working;
     in the state of "U", open the mask, the machine will continue working.

Part list:

① 1×Main frame

② 1×Warranty Card

③ 2×Spring

④ 2×Fuse

⑤ 2×Forks

⑥ 1×Manual

⑦ 1×Quality Certificate

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