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KT88 -1018 18 Channel Digital EEG And Mapping System

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The system of KT88 -1018 18 Channel Digital EEG integrates acquisition, amplification, filters and A/D resolution of signal into one module with SMD technology, which improves the reliability and antijamming ability of the system. Automatically record EEG and 24 hours continuous acquisition.
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KT88 -1018 18 Channel Digital EEG And Mapping System

1. The system integrates acquisition, amplification, filters and A/D resolution of signal into one modulewith SMD technology,
which improves the reliability and antijamming ability of the system.
2. Automatically record EEG and 24 hours continuous acquisition.
3. 16-lead EEG and 2-lead ECG, which have the function of automatic measurement.
4. Automatic scaling system.
5. Mark event, using different color stands different event 6. Digital video monitor system (option).
7. The manual and automatic flashlight stimulator.
8. The integrated design increases the antijamming ability and the sensibility of system simultaneously.
9. The multifunctional digital filter system, which has the function of setting up different filters and filtering methods.
10. More than 10 kinds of BEAM and EEG, such as top view, side view and monochromatic view are displayed in the same screen.
11. All kind of power spectrum BEAM, numerical BEAM and compressed spectrum graph.
12. Three-dimensional rotary BEAM.
13. Perfect case management system.

14. Integrated picture and character printout
15. Convenient and quick USB interface.

16. Please note the laptop does not included


KT88 Digital Brain Electric Activity Mapping is an equipment checking 16-lead EEG and optional 2-lead ECG, it collects EEG signal with electrodes, via integrated amplification, A/D transformation, PC auto-analysis, FFT, to form electroencephalogram which displays with color depth. The product is applicable for checking such diseases as epilepsy, intracranial inflammation, cerebrovascular diseases and brain tumors.

Performance Parameter

Numbers of channels:16 channels of EEG+2 channels of ECG (ECG is selectable)
■Speed of sampling:100 Hz/sec.
■Precision of sampling:12 bit
■Input impedance:≥10MΩ
■Patient leak current:< 10uA
■Level of noise:≤5uV Vp-p
■Magnifying multiple:10 000
■Filtering constant:all digital and free enactment
■Speed of displaying(paper speed):5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 mm/s
■Displaying gain:1,2,5,10,12,15,20 mm/50uv
■Speed of review:1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 40, 60
■50Hz interference suppression ratio:≥30dB
■Safety type:class II, type BF applied part

Function Features

■Standard 16 leads of EEG, compatible with 16 leads and 8 leads function. Method of 10/20 electrodes placement under international standard system, can change leads ways while replaying, and set electrode connection mode at will.
■Using bioelectricity amplifier brainwave, consecutive record time can be up to 24 hours, integrated automatic calibration system.
■Powerful playback function: It is adjustable for the amplitude and replaying rate. The special subdividing time line divides the waveform in one second into 5 parts and easy for the doctors to look over the waveform
■Multifunctional digital filter system can be set freely and provides many filtering methods.
■EEG signal clipping function,clipping any a section of EEG wave to analyse and store, clipping multi-section waves to perform multi-parameter analyse and pick-up automatically.
■Analyze and distill manifold parameters automatically. Choose and analyze many segments of wave at the same time
■Electronic frequency ruler, convenient to measure the basic information of any appointed EEG waves. Sectional enlargine window, which can be adjusted by yourself, is provided to increase the accuracy of EEG period /amplitude /frequency measurement
■Mark event (openning eyes, closing eyes and flashing) EEG with different colors, and  name the user-defined event. Color of background and waveform occurred by different event is adjustable. It is able to depend on the event's name to locate speedily the waveform of the corresponding time.
■Powerful automatic analyse function, can carry through the power spectrum analyse and pathologic wave detection for appointed waveform. Sorts of graph can be displayed in the same screen, including kinds of BEAM, numerical BEAM, compressed spectrum graph, trend graph, and so on.
■Professional isolation transformer, dual power supply isolation system and optoelectronic data transmission to ensure security. Use USB interface to transmit data which just need to be inserted. Distance of digital signal transmission is up to a maximum of 30 meters. Patients and doctors can be operated in different rooms.
■Multifunctional flashlight of USB interface, and frequency can be controled manually or automatically. A flashlight stimulus scheme can be set and performed in the process of collection.
■Perfect case management, multi-method of information query and quick statistics means, convenient case input and output function, supporting MO or CD-RW store, which is easy for data research.
■The report of picture and character integration, can be edited in mode and changed into Word.
■The case can be transfromed into the EDF data format, which is convenient for the data interchange, academic exchanges and further analyse.
■System setup function, multi-function, such as display mode, system parameters, etc., can be set to meet the users' special need.
■Mark positioning function: add the mark and note for the waveform of appointed time, and locate speedily the waveform at the mark time.
■Optional video function: USB CCD camera is easy to install, convenient to use and exact to record. With agile playback function, it can be used to replay the waveform of any time along with the corresponding isochronous collected image.
■SpO2 function is optional.
Standard accessories:
■Twenty EEG leads
■Two data lines
■Twenty EEG electrodes
■Two headgears
■One flashlight
■One flashlight power supply
■One software disk
■One User Manual
■One earth wire
■Two brackets

Optional accessories:

■ECG lead
■ECG electrode
■SpO2 module(with one CMS-P SpO2 probe and one SpO2 software disk)
■Video module (with one softdog, one camera and one software disk)
Qualification Certificate
Internal registration

KT88-1018 package list (standard configuration):

Item Name:Digital EEG Systems(18-channel) Digital Brain Electric Activity Mapping
 standard configuration
Item No.ContentsQty 
1 Digital EEGAmplifier1 
2 EEG Leads25 
3 USB Cable2 
4EEG Electrodes20 
5 ECG Electrodes1 
6 ECG Leads5 
7 Headgear(cap)2 
8 Stimulator1 
9 Power Cable for Stimulator1 
10 Tripod2 
11 Software1 
12 User Manual1 

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