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Portable Cavitation Slimming Machine AYJ-A827

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Portable Cavitation Slimming Machine AYJ-A827
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Portable Cavitation Slimming Machine AYJ-A827

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Portable Cavitation Slimming Machine AYJ-A827

Parts Introduction:

1. Up key of Energy & Time.    

2. Down key of Energy & Time. 
3. Set key of Energy & Time.   

4. Key of big ultrasound head.
5. Key of face ultrasound head.  

6. Select key of ultrasound mode.
7. Key of eye ultrasound head.   

8. Output Intensity display.
9. Work Time display.  
10. Continuous wave display.
11. Pulse wave 1 display
12. Pulse wave 2 display.

A. Eye ultrasound head Jack  B. Face ultrasound head Jack
C. Pedal Jack    D. Big ultrasound head Jack
E. Power Jet  F. SwitchAnnex:


 Big Ultrasound head  

 Medium (face) Supersonic head

Small (eye) Supersonic head

Basic Operation:

1. Place annex well and connect to mainframe

1) Insert Big ultrasound head to D
2) Insert pedal to C
3) Insert Medium (face) supersonic head to B
4) Insert Small (eye) supersonic head to A2. Connect Power line E, turn on general power switch F.

3. Press [4] [5] [7] function select button, move to the right place, the light will shining, press [6] setting mode, work time[3] [2] [1], and output intensity[3] [2] [1].

4. During operation, if you want to change to other functions within the setting time, please press your selected head key.

5. Turn off the general power switch, unplug the power line when finished, and sterilize the used work head.

Functions and operation:

Big ultrasound head:

1. Applied gel on fleshy parts (eg. abdomen, hip, thigh) the amount depends on moving flexibility of the ultrasound head.
2. Set work time (10 min every part), set work mode (10-continuous wave) Adjust output intensity.
3. Press 4, put the service brake under your feet, step on to start working, move away for pause.
4. Beautician holds the ultrasound head to move slowly on skin, in circle or beeline repeatly, the other hand push the fat towards the ultrasound head.
5. Do not use on back, avoid using on bones.
6. Don’t use on uterus part when women do abdomen care, Abdomen treating during menstruate should be avoided.
7. Enough gel are needed, you may feel painful if medium is not enough.
8. The total treatment time for daily care should be within 30 min.
9. The machine will pause automatically if the setting time is over.
10. Clean the leftovers with hot towel use warm towel to clean the ultrasound head.

Supersonic Function:

Supersonic has a mechanical, hyperthermia and biochemical effect, make local tissue cells can be micro-massaged, promote blood circulation, soften organizations, speed up chemical reactions, and promote metabolism.

It can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, thus has the effect of detoxification, wrinkle removal, tightening, lifting, lightening flecks and eliminating pouch and dark circles.

1. To clean deeply, apply medium (Nutrition Gel, extract oil and etc) the amount should be according to moving flexibility of ultrasound head.
2. Set work time, Press [5] [7] to choose medium or small ultrasound head according to parts need cared.(Medium size head suit for face and arms, the small size for eye and nosewing ).
3. Setting work mode[7], to regulate output intensity [3] [2] [1]according to different parts.
4.  During operation, if you want to change to other functions within the setting time, please press your selected head key.
5. The machine will stop automatically if the setting time if over.
6. Use warm water to clean the skin.
7. Sterilize all the used ultrasound heads.



1. In operation, in order to maintain sufficient gel.
2. The Ultrasound head should not stay out of work for too long a time while outputting energy. Click “Pause” to stop working to avoid damage.
3. M50, M80 ultrasound heads should not stay still at one part for too long time and do not use it on bones.
4. Please open the switch on the M80 head when using M80 head.
5. M80 ultrasound head can not be used on the back, avoid on the bones, and daily care should be within 30 minutes every time.
6. Do not use on eyeball top, Adam’s apple, heart, do not stay still on one part for too long. 

Forbidden Group:

1. People who has fever, infectious diseases, acute diseases.
2. People with heart diseases or configured cardiac pacemaker.
3. Patient with severe high blood pressure, tumor diseases, asthma, deep vein thrombosis, Varix, thyroid, cancer, failing sickness.
4. People with hemorrhagic diseases, trauma, vascular rupture, skin inflammation, skin diseases.
5. Pregnant women
6. Do not use at the abdomen during menstrual period
7. Medical plastic parts, or parts with metal inside
8. People with an abnormal immune system

Technical Parameters:

1. Voltage: AC 220V or 110 V / 50Hz OR 60 Hz 
2. Host power: ≤ 75W
3. Operation Frequency: 0.4MHz/ 1 MHz
4. Output power: 0.5 W to 5 W
5. Package size: 36 x 40 x 50 cm

Annex List:

1. Mainframe    1 set
2. Power Supply line   1 pc
3. Use Manual  1 copy
4. 40 KHz big ultrasound head 1 pc
5. Medium ultrasonic head1 pc
6. Small ultrasonic head    1 pc
7. Annex shell   1 pc
8. Hexagonal screws   3 pc
9.Hexagon Wrench  1 pc

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