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Ultrasounic Fat Contour Slimming Weight Loss Skin Rejuvebation Anti-Aging USA

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Ultrasounic Fat Contour Slimming Weight Loss Skin Rejuvebation Anti-Aging USA
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Ultrasounic Fat Contour Slimming Weight Loss Skin Rejuvebation Anti-Aging USA

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Ultrasounic Fat Contour Slimming Weight Loss Skin Rejuvebation Anti-Aging USA Features:

It can be used to effectively and quickly reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains as well as other sort of body aches;

it can be used for acupoint massage through centralization and decentralization of body bioelectricity.

While stimulating acupuncture points and meridians,

it can also regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, thus helping people realize their dreams of body slimming.


1. Resource: DC15V, 0.8A Current: 800mA
2. Ultrasonic waves: 1Mhz, Power:
3. Ultrasonic therapy
4. The massager probe can create ultrasonic vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second, which is most suitable
    for body care and can have effects on skin mainly in two ways: Mechanical and heat action (Physical) and chemical action.
5. The ultrasonic vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second can bring changes of volume and movement to every cell,
thus have an effect of fine massager, which Is called cellular massager. Cellular massager can activate and adjust cell membrane,
    at the same time enhance the permeability of skin surface. Its heat action, physical and chemical action can increase the deep skin
    temperature by 0.5-1C, which can benefit for absorption of nutrition and medicine, accelerate metabolism and enhance the regeneration
of fat and evacuation of tissue waste, repair lymph and capillary vessels, thus promoting body slimming.
6. Furthermore, ultrasonic can introduce nutrients deep into skin.
7. Heat therapy
8. The ark collar around massager probe emits infrared ray at the spectrum of 8-12nm.

Infrared ray compared to other kinds, can get deeper into skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The wavelength created is very close to the vibration frequency of cell molecules of the body and is capable of causing sympathetic vibration of atoms and molecules within the body cell.

Through resonance absorption, the friction between molecules generates heat, thus increasing the temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues and accelerating circulation of blood. As a result, it can clear the waste in blood vessels, eliminate body injurants and activate histiocytes to prevent aging.

Therefore, infrared ray can have prevention and cure effect on various diseases caused by poor blood circulation and micro-circulation problems. It is also used to help people with arthritis and abnormal metabolism.

Micro Current Massager therapy / Electric massage therapy

This device belongs to a new generation of bionic current devices. Micro current therapy is advanced technology method of promoting body health and fitness.

The fact that muscle movement consumes calories of energy and burns fat in order to get that energy lies at the basis of the method. Low Current is delivered in a specific pattern to achieve body slimming through series of therapies. This slimming method is intended for reduction of excess fat around waist, abdomen, thigh and arm.

When muscles are excited by low frequency current, this causes muscle vibration within certain amplitude. The movement of muscles which is not controlled by will is called passive movement. When this movement happens in the body, burning of energy in the body is more active.

Under such circumstances, the amount of consumed oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and water can increase by dozens of times.

The consumption of calories in only 60-70 joule per second during usual exercising, but it’s up to 3000-4000 joule per second during passive movement exercising of the muscle.

Similar machines are used to replace some traditional training equipment for athletes to get better results.


In as little as 15 – 30 minutes a day this device assists in tackling the the appearance of fat & cellulite by delivering
ultrasonic waves, infrared heat and micro current massage.

Ultrasonic Therapy The principle of ultrasound treatments

is to pass controlled frequency ultrasound waves through the layers of skin.

These vibrations can bring about changes in the volume of fat cells and have the mechanical effect of cellular massage which temporarily disrupts fat cell membranes, thus allowing the powerful 'fat burning' actives contained in the body sculpting gel to penetrate and affect the reduction of cellular fat content.

Infrared Heat Therapy The device delivers infrared rays with a spectrum of 8-12 micrometers.

Infrared rays can get deeper into the skin and subcutaneous tissues than other wavelengths of light.

As a result they generate a gentle heating action just below the skins surface, thus improving the vitality of the skin, accelerating cellular metabolic activity and leading
to faster fat burning for smoother looking skin.

Microcurrent Massage Therapy Microcurrent massage uses low voltage current which excites the muscles, causing them to contract involuntarily (passive movement).

Muscle movement consumes energy and burns fat, sugar and carbohydrates from the surrounding tissue exercise of the muscle up to 3000-4000 joules per second. This results in a toning of a specific parts of the body where fatty deposits have accumulated.

Excellent results may be achieved in over 94% of individuals especially when combined with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Simple to use:

Operational Manual - included with each device.

Please adhere to instructions to achieve maximal results.

Conduction Gel

- the device comes with a specially formulated 60 ml conduction gel.

Please ensure that this gel is used to maximise results, protect your skin, and to protect the Ultrasonic Contour Device.

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